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Have you received a traffic citation recently? People ask us often if they really need an attorney for a simple speeding ticket. Paying a Lott Law lawyer up front will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future insurance rates not to mention the time you miss work or school to appear in court. Simply mailing in your payment as directed on your citation will almost always result in your insurance rates increasing. Just one (1) point on your license, which a speeding ticket for 10 mph over is worth, can cause your insurance rates to increase by 25%. Four (4) points, which a ticket for speeding in excess of 75 mph when the speed limit is less than 70mph points is worth, can cause an 80% increase. Learn more about insurance points at http://www.ncdoi.com. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about traffic laws and will work to make sure your ticket has the least impact on you as possible. With an attorney from Lott Law you can rest easier at night knowing you traffic case is being handled by a true professional and you likely will not have to step foot into a courtroom. If you have a traffic ticket, contact Lott Law today.