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Forensic Consulting


Are you an attorney with forensic evidence in your criminal case or are you in a dispute with someone and evaluation of forensic claims are central to your case?  Attorney Kimberly Lott is experienced in many forensic fields. She has a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from Duke University and has worked in science labs, the NC crime lab, and with Indigent Defense Services’ forensics resource department. Attorney Lott can consult on a case and help you interpret scientific data or help steer you to the resources necessary to do so as well as provide fee based expert testimony for trials.

Attorney Lott has an extensive background in forensics. She wrote a detailed research paper examining the lack of and the need for ethical standards in crime labs and was selected to present some of her findings in a talk entitled “Ethics Under the Microscope” at the International Reinvent Law conference in London in June 2014. She is also a board member in the group North Carolina Attorneys for Science and Technology (www.ncastnet.org), in which scientists and attorneys work together to educate and solve problems facing forensic science in North Carolina and the nation.

As a graduate of the prestigious North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, attorney Lott serves on the alumni board for the school. She is currently working with NCSSM to develop a forensics curriculum for students at the school, in their distance learning program, and eventually in other states and countries. Attorney Lott is capable and ready to assist with your forensics problems. Contact Lott Law today to set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation.