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Family Law


At Lott Law we understand how emotionally difficult many family law matters can be. Our attorneys provide compassion and empathy to our family law clients to help navigate what can be confusing and stressful waters. In many family matters such as divorce and child custody, it is important to have an advocate who will achieve results which preserve your rights and that are in your best interest those of your children. Many matters can be handled outside of the courtroom, saving all parties time, money, and stress. However, our attorneys have experience in the courtroom if that becomes necessary. Again, we are often asked if you really need an attorney to handle family law matters. We believe it is better to have us and not need us that to need us and not have us. Legal negotiations and courtroom hearings are foreign to most people but familiar to us. In the end, what is peace of mind worth to you?  If you have a family law case you need assistance with contact Lott Law today to set up a 30 minute complimentary consultation.